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It is very important to rotate the site of your Nutropin injections that is, you should choose a different injection site each time you use the medication. The injection should not go very deep. It should be given in the subcutaneous space (the fatty layer just beneath the skin's surface).

The following areas are good injection sites because you will be able to grasp the right amount of skin needed for the injection:

Abdomen. The tissue below the skin of the abdomen absorbs medication readily. Injections in this area sometimes hurt less. Avoid giving the injection too close to the navel. Also, be careful to avoid giving the injection where a waistband might chafe and irritate the injection site.

Thighs. The front or outside of the thigh provides a good injection site. To locate this site, think of dividing the leg between the hip bone and the knee into thirds. The injection is given into the skin on the middle third on the front or outside of the thigh (but not into the muscle).

Buttocks. As with the abdomen, injections in the upper, outer area of the buttocks sometimes hurt less. The person receiving the injection should lie face down on a flat surface with toes pointed inward.

Upper arms. The largest part on the back portion of the arm may also serve as an injection site.

Occasionally, a problem may develop at an injection site. Contact your healthcare provider if you notice any of the following:

  • A lump that doesn't go away
  • Bruising that doesn't go away
  • Any signs of infection or inflammation at an injection site (such as swelling, pus, persistent redness or pain, or skin that is hot to the touch)


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Where to inject hgh
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